Kayakinstruction in Altanta Georgia, Lake Jocassee, Mobile Bay, Beaufort,South Carolina! Learn to sea kayak. Learn to roll. Learn kayak safefty!

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Sea Kayak Instruction.

So, why get kayak instruction to begin with?

Your kayaking skill level depends on your overall control of the kayak.
In other words: If the wind or current is dictating where your kayak will go, you are lacking the skill set to totaly control your craft. Kayak instruction will teach you the skills you need to have full control of your boat. And, more so, based on this control and paddling experience, the ability for rational decision making when in a crisis or under stress.

Our private, one-on-one, kayak instruction is now our main tutorial format. We still offer classes on a larger scale to those wishing to book a group class. Just make your request.

We have had many kayakers ask us to offer our private instruction to paddlers who are interested only in recreational kayaking and not the art of sea kayaking and who are limited on time and money.

The Sea Kayaker has always offered private instruction to the recreational paddler but now we have geared those classes to be shorter and more cost effective.

For the Beginner.
Intro to Kayaking:

This is basic kayak instruction for beginners, recreational kayakers and anyone thinking about taking up the sport of kayaking. The class is very easy with a relaxed approach to the art of paddling a kayak.
No experience required!

Cost: $75
Class Time: 3 hours
Basic Kayak & Paddle Design and Terminology
Launching and Landing
Basic Kayaking Strokes
* Forward Strokes
* Proper Hand and Paddle Placement
* Turn Strokes w/ Rudder
* Reverse Strokes

*Private instruction can be scheduled at any time. Wilderness Systems, Freedom kayaks are used for this class.

Intro to Sea Kayaking:

Geared to the beginner interested in the sport of touring and sea kayaking. The class covers more detail than the Intro to Kayaking class and is more aggressive in approach. The main focus of this class is get students used to the primary and secondary stability of the kayak, as well as, paddling a closed cockpit boat with a spray skirt.
No experience required!

Cost: $95
Class Time: 4 hours
Kayak, Paddle & PFD Design
* Understanding how hull design effects primary and stability and speed.
* Hard Chine vs. Soft Chine.
* Tracking vs.Maneuverability.
* Finding the correct paddle type and loom length.
* Not all PDF's are made for Sea Kayaking. Learn the difference.
Learning Primary and Secondary Stability
* Leaning & Edging (J leans & C leans).
* Hip Snaps.
Proper Basic Strokes And Techniques
* Forward Strokes.
* Proper Hand and Paddle Placement.
* Sweep Turns.
* Reverse Strokes.
* Wet Exits.

*Private instruction can be scheduled at any time. Current Designs, Sirocco kayaks are used for this class.

For the Novice.
Four Hour Private Instruction:

It's time to advance your skills to the next level. This four hour private kayak instruction will cover more advanced maneuvers (those used in surf, currents and coastal conditions) and techniques.

Cost: $125
Class Time: 4 hours
Kayaking Strokes
* Developing an efficent forward stoke for use in surf, currents and distance.
* Bow Ruddering.
* High Brace Turns.
* Low Brace Turns.
* Draw Stokes
* Advanced Reverse Strokes
Recovery Strokes
* High Brace
* Low Brace
Self & Assisted Rescue

*Private instruction can be scheduled at any time. Student must have a good J leans, hip snaps and wet exit.

Six Hour Private Instruction:

Our most popular instruction. The six hour PI will give you the time to work on more advanced maneuvers. Or, customize your class to fit your needs and skill level. Use this time to break those bad habits, find your weakness and hone the skills to master the sport of sea kayaking.

Cost: $245
Class Time: 6 hours

*Private instruction can be scheduled at any time. Current Designs, Sirocco kayaks are used for this class.

For the Advanced.
Roll Classes:
There are as many types of rolls as there are conditions to paddle in. We work on the basic C2C roll, then progress to the sweep (screw) roll and layback rolls.

If in your first class you have not done a roll on your own, don't worry! We use a paddle float method for training your brain and muscle memory. Once given this training exercise you will be able to work on your rolls on your own until you have the roll mastered.

We offer year round roll classes on open water or heated pool. Just be sure to give us at least a two week notice when booking a pool class.

Cost: $95
Class Time: 3 Hours

*Private instruction can be scheduled at any time. Student must have a good J leans, hip snaps and wet exit.

Rescue Clinics:
Every kayaker needs to learn and be comforatble with the many forms of self and assisted kayak rescue techniques. Even though self and assisted rescue techniques are covered in our novice sea kayak instruction, our rescue clinics are designed to cover more advanced rescues and as a refresher course for basic rescues.

Cost: $95
Class Time: 3 Hours

*Private instruction can be scheduled at any time. Student must have a good J leans, hip snaps and wet exit.

Surf and Currents:
Our surf and current clinics are held at our Edding Point, SC location. Clinics are two days of sea kayak instruction, in rough conditions.

Cost: $695
(You can also book this as an tour package. Lodging and food are included. Call us for pricing.)
Class Time: Two days, 4 to 6 hours per day.
Kayaking Strokes
* Re-fresher on forward stokes for use in surf, currents and distance.
* Beach launching in surf conditions.
* Traversing surf.
* Landing in surf conditions.
Surf Zone Sea Kayak Rescue
* Paddle float re-entry outside surf zone.
* Assisted rescues outside surf zone.
Working in Currents
* Students learn how to work in tidal influence currents

* Students must have taken a previous novice class or roll class.
All coastal instruction require, at least, a 3 week booking notice prior to the event date.

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