Kayak tours on Mobile Bay.

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Historic Lighthouse

Sand Island Lighthouse /
Middle Bay Lighthouse
Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging
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( Paddle both Sand Island & Middle Bay Lighthouses )
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Middle Bay Lighthouse
Sand Island Lighthouse

Sand Island Lighthouse

Standing three miles off shore, Sand Island Lighthouse once aided safe passage into the mouth of Mobile Bay. Built in 1873 and long since decommissioned, Sand Island Lighthouse has withstood the test of time and the ravages of many hurricanes. The look of the lighthouse has change dramatically over the past century. As early as the 60's a large house once stood at its' base, supported by the massive block and pillars that now form the "ruins".

Middle Bay Lighthouse

Middle Bay Lighthouse is a prominent feature of Mobile Bay. Located in the mid-point of the Mobile ship channel, the lighthouse was built in 1885 and deactivated in 1967. She now stands guard in the middle of the bay as a day marker to all vessels in the area.
Prior to being decommissioned, she was maintained and run by a lighthouse keeper who took residence in the "house". At one point, because of the remote location in the bay, a cow was kept on the deck to supply milk to the keeper and his family.

kayaking arcoss dixie bar to sand island lighthouse
Paddling to Sand Island.
at the base of sand island lighthouse
The "ruins" at the base
of the lighthouse .
close up of sand island lighthouse
Lighthouse from base.
beach launch to sand island lighthouse
Planning our route to Sand Island Lighthouse.
Sapelo Lighthouse
Sand Island Lighthouse.
middle bay lighhthouse
Middle Bay Lighthouse.

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