Sea kayak tours to Sapelo Island, Georgia!

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Horn Sunset

Sapelo Island,
Georgia Golden Isle

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Sapelo Island is located 297 miles to the southeast of Atlanta, along the pristine Golden Isles coastline of Georgia. Sea kayaking this area is like traveling back in time. From the oyster middens created by the early indigenous cultures that inhabited the island over 4500 years ago, to the ballast mounds lining the North River, this is a place steeped in rich history and tradition.
For the sea kayaker, Sapelo offers a gradual change in paddling terrain. Starting from the slow moving confines of the North River with its high grass march, our journey then slowly opens up into Doboy Sound and Doboy Island. Paddling past the Island the ballast mounds become more obvious. These mounds were created from the ballast stones that were left behind from many of the tall sailing ships traveling up the North River to the port of Darien.

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Coming off the North River into Doboy Sound.
Making our way to Sapelo.

Crossing Doboy Sound
Paddling Doboy Sound.
Sunset at campsite
Morning launch.
Paddling Past Ballast Mounds
Paddling past the ballast mounds.
Sapelo Lighthouse
Sapelo Island Lighthouse.
The Oaks of Sapelo Island
Pathway to the beach at Cabretta.

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